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SolveXL is available in the following three versions that allow the use of the software for an unlimited period of time. Please, download our trial version to determine, which of the three options suits best your needs.

Free Standard Professional
Max. decision variables 30 100 16,000 **)
Max. objectives 2 3 100
Max. population size 50 200 1,000
Max. generations 100 10,000 unlimited
Price £0 £100 *)

*) A 50% discount is available for full-time university students and academics.

**) More than 250 decision variables are only supported under Excel 2007 and later.

The Standard and Professional SolveXL licenses include 1 year of pre-paid software support via email. The software support includes access to any new minor versions of the software released during that year and answers to any questions related to the product and its features. After the first year, the software support can be extended by paying a maintenance fee of 20% of license cost.

The support does not include the setup of an optimisation spreadsheet and the configuration of genetic algorithms, which are offered as an extra consultancy service.